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Our Twin School - DIL Community School Ghareeba

At John Keats we have been delighted to twin with DIL Community School Ghareeba, a school in rural Pakistan. The schools partnership began in September 2021 and will eventually enable us to create a shared community between the two schools, with children learning about the lives and experiences of their counterparts 6,000 miles away!

As well as the amazing opportunity for children and staff to communicate with and learn from each other, the aim of this partnership will be for John Keats to provide DIL Community School Ghareeba with material assistance to improve its facilities and equipment. We hope to begin a series of exciting fundraising activities soon. Please contact Mr. Cain-Tait if you have any thoughts or ideas about this.

It is our hope that as our partnership continues to blossom, this page will document some of the amazing activities that will be taking place to support our new twin school.